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Warning you now, everything I draw IS uploaded.

Random from Noche Comic Series Fanart

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Noche Stamp by GlassFelineNoche Icon by ReinFalling


Noche Comic Series Logo by TheInfamousJoeLinder

What's The "Noche Comic Series" ?

------- Noche Comic Series Noche Comic Series Logo by TheInfamousJoeLinder -----

Noche Comic Series - Ch1 Pg1 - Table of Contents by TheInfamousJoeLinder Page 1 - theinfamousjoelinder.deviantar…

ALL COMIC PAGES / comic gallery - theinfamousjoelinder.deviantar…

-- What is Noche to you Mr Infamous --

The Noche Comic Series, is what got me into drawing into the first place. This comic has been done twice before.... and both times suck. However hopefully this time, it won't.

I now have some training in Illustration, plus the entire plot has been written out beforehand.

The Noche Comic Series is without a doubt ENTIRELY different from the 2 (self-taught) comics.

So while there will be similarities, don't expect the same story.

Noche XVII Grim, Noche Comic Series by TheInfamousJoeLinderSketch Noche by the forest by TheInfamousJoeLinderMr Creeps and the Lighthouse by TheInfamousJoeLinder

-- What is The Noche Comic Series about? --

The Noche Comic Series focus around the story of Noche, a 17 year old girl with memory loss. Whose trying to figure out who she is, by using the resources avaible to her by joining "Cross". A military peace keeping organization made by, and for, the people.

While trying to find out more about herself, the world is thrown into a chaos through War declared by Deathech. An Unknown organization of great power, influence, and technology who successfully destroyed a small portion of the world long ago.

As Noche fights in the war, she finds that Deathtech is more and more connected to her past.
What will be the fate Noche and the world?

Find out in when you read NCS!

NCS Cross Army Noche Grim by TheInfamousJoeLinderNoche Comic Series, Noche XVII Grim by TheInfamousJoeLinder

-- The Setting, A peek into the Intro of the Book --

In the year 1109, instantly a portion of the world was destroyed into a red scar. As the hell burned to ash, the whole world was angered and saddened by the ones who did this, Deathtech! An Unknown organization of great power, influence, and technology. However this event united the people of the world, and they declared war on these villans.

100 years of war has passed, and much blood has been spilled. In the research of making stronger weapons it was discovered that lifeforce could be used as energy, this energy could then converted into Mass. Thus this powered has been called "Create" ever since. The life force energy has been named Drive.

However almost instantly after the discovery of Drive, all traces of the Deathetch vanished into the air. They're spontaneous disappearance only strengthening the fear people had of them.

Over time the memory of the war faded, but the fear of Deathtech grew. When the paranoia had reached its peak an organization was formed to calm the people. Its main goal to protect life, Cross came into existance.

The year is now 1774. Science and technology is ever growing, and tradition can still be seen in various flavors. This age is without a doubt a renissance. The world is now more so united, In fact this new era could be called peaceful.

It could be called peaceful, but recently strange activities has been happening. Just like when Deathtech started the war all those years ago. Murders, Kidnappings, and missing technology all without a trace. Due to these events Cross has become very active lately, recuriting as many people as possible. One of which is a unique girl, and her name is NOCHE!

Noche Comic Series - Ch1 Pg1 - Table of Contents by TheInfamousJoeLinder theinfamousjoelinder.deviantar… Noche Comic Series - Ch1 Pg5-9 by TheInfamousJoeLinder


- Join the fan group here - :iconnochecomicseriesfans:

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-- Noche All Comic Pages - theinfamousjoelinder.deviantar…

-- Noche Art Gallery - theinfamousjoelinder.deviantar…

-- Noche Sketches Gallery - theinfamousjoelinder.deviantar…

**The "Noche Comic Series" and related artwork / storywork belongs to "The Infamous Joe Linder" **


Check out the fan art below




Joe Linder
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
:icontheinfamousjoelinder: -- My chat room -… -- :icontheinfamousjoelinder:

Noche Comic Series Group --> :iconnochecomicseriesfans:

Noche Comic Series Website -->

-- Info--

The artist with the blue hair, The Infamous Joe Linder.

If you like my art CONGRATS. Now go visit the back of my gallery, Amuse yourself.

The first 1,000 uploads of art in my gallery is all from my first year of drawing. You know, when I just started.... for the first time. EVER.

You should never throw away any work you do, even if you find it to be crap. Just keep drawing and working on your skills. You'll improve slowly.... but you'll improve.

I have a comic called "The Noche Comic Series". Be sure to check it out when you can ^u^

- My wife - :iconprojectile-vomiting:
- My sister - :iconmysteriousmuse:
- My editors - :icontsuki9000::iconbonkerzdraizel:

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:iconnochelaplz: SITES TO READ THE NOCHE COMIC SERIES. :iconnochelaplz:

Noche Comic Series Logo by TheInfamousJoeLinder

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Sponsering Webcomics on my Webcomic.

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2014, 10:07 AM
I just made a Noche website, and it's still in the works.
However I am also looking into sponsoring any webcomics that would also sponsor Noche.


Anyways check out the site here

Remember it's still in the works at the moment.

Also note me if you're interested in the sponsorship.
YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE UP, that is the only requirement.


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